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Educational Games: When Entertainment Meets Education

Realized or not, the computer has changed the people in their daily lives. It has changed the way people work. In addition to working, computer is also a great entertainment tool for many people, which can be used to play videos, enjoy music or interact with others. In this information and electronic era, there are two different functions in many computer programs, which are in the form of a tool for learning or improving various skills as well as user’s entertainment. Such programs are often named as educational games or education.

Many educational games are for children. By playing such games children can learn different subjects from mathematics to English. The use of games in children’s education prevents them from easily boring. Unfortunately, not all topics, especially those that are very complex, can be taught successfully using this approach. But generally borders can be dissolved in one way or another in the future.

There are other types of educational games that are primarily intended for adults. The diversity of such games is so widespread. There are games that are very good for learning computer networking. For example, a game provided by Cisco that can help a master in binary system. The topic which was not easy for some in the past, can be learned with fun now.

There are stock market games for investors so that they can learn to invest in stocks in the stock market. Stock market simulation games are very useful for beginners, because they do not get a chance to lose any risk or money when something goes wrong while playing a game. Some good stock market simulation games use real market data.

Educational games are often used to make important things social. The United Nations-ISDR (UN – International Strategy for Disaster Mitigation) is related to such sports sponsored. Using a simulation game about tsunami, people can get an interesting knowledge of that disaster, for example, which kind of plants are suitable to prevent high waves. With the preventive actions set out in the form of a part of the game, you can find out how many people can avoid the tsunami.

There are many other interesting games that can be classified as educational games, useful for learning programming from those people, which include topics that are helpful in mastering a periodic table. For most of us, learning and entertainment are two different things, but with the improvement of computer technology, both activities can be added as an educational game. Changing a boring tutorial into something funny will empower our brain to absorb any serious subject easily.

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